The first launch of the OOH Audience Measurement in Thailand.

Kinetic Worldwide (Thailand) LTD recently introduced a tool that which is able to generate the Out-of-Home (OOH) audience measurement in Reach and Frequency to their clients on March 5th , 2019 at Park Hyatt Bangkok. 

Using the technology and measurement methodology which are the basis components to generate the Out-of-Home ratings. And also with the combinations of the Satellite imagery, Big Data from city traffic flows done by CUENDE Infometrics, and census data altogether in generating the numbers of reach and impression. 

This audience measurement will help media agency to plan the OOH media more effectively and will generate the audience R&F reports the same as other media audience measurements such as TV rating, GRPs and CPRP. 

Anchalee Yuphamake (CEO/Chairman – Kinetic Worldwide (Thailand) LTD (in the center) together with partners from left Chakkrit Khemthong (Chairman ASPA Thailand), Daniel Cuende (President CUENDE Infometrics), Niklas Stalberg (CEO GroupM), Pathamawan Sathaporn (MD Mindshare), Peter Choo (Kinetic Malaysia) and Gideon Adey (Kinetic UK).

In this launching event, there were two Sr. managements from GroupM and Mindshare came to support how important of audience measurement.

Niklas Stalberg, CEO of GroupM, has mentioned that the trend of OOH spending is growing and Digital OOH will be the reason for the upward stream.  He mentioned that the OOH industry is getting ready for the programmatic.  Digital OOH is here to stay for the foreseeable future and the reasons is the Tech innovation will create new opportunities for the advertisers.  Better measurement will enable the collections of more data.  More data will lead to more possibilities to address audiences.

While Pathamawan Sathaporn, MD Mindshare, has shared the importance of media measurement, the data of media consumption in Bangkok shown that OOH is one of the top 3 media that has highest consumption (60%).  Bangkok consumers has spent 70% of time outside their home and OOH can be the medium that reach these people.  She also mentioned that measuring effectiveness of OOH can be done via REACH, IMPACT and EXPERIENCE.  She referred to the online that there are 1.8 billion website on internet and update information everyday so there should be the metric that be able to measure the conversion.  Nike campaign recently has conversion via both online and offline.

The last, Anchalee mentioned that this audience measurement is the first to measure all out of home panel in Bangkok area only and there will be the second phase in the future to do audience measurement in greater area of Bangkok and major provinces in Thailand.