Growth of Digital Out of Home

Growth of Digital Out of Home 

By Euan Mackay

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) continues to experience investment in new inventory which results in further audience growth. Currently 69% of the adult GB population will see a digital screen each week, up from 63% 12 months ago. Over this period, the number of screens measured by Route has jumped by 40%.

Source: Route Research 2019
Base: All Adults 15+

Campaign: All digital screens, set to 100% share of voice for one week in March

Digital OOH reach by demographic

While 69% of adults see a digital screen each week, there are some differences by demographic. Notably we see a higher rate of exposure among the commercially appealing 18-34s and AB cohorts.

While the relatively nascent digital tranche of the industry shows audience growth quarter on quarter, it’s perhaps the oft-forgotten poster which continues to quietly steal the show. While increasing reach of posters is not necessarily evident in the data, this is because it, quite simply, has little room to grow. 98% of the population will see a poster advert each week, a number that has been stable for the past few years.

A notable change in posters over the last 12 months can be seen in the reduced availability of large format sites. This is something that has been mentioned in trade press recently, and there is evidence of a decline availability.

Route now measures 10% fewer large format posters than 12 months ago – a loss of 1,634 sites that have been partially offset by 232 new large digital sites. Proportionately the losses are being felt most heavily

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