Insight This Concerns You 2019

October 23, 2019

Combination of OOH & Mobile is already a powerful tool for brands – soon to be supercharged by 5G

On the morning of October 16th 2019, we hosted our annual conference for over 80 guests from the industry. Each year, This Concerns You, explores future-facing themes that are likely to impact the world of OOH soon. For 2019, we invited a range of experts to look at how the imminent nationwide roll-out of 5G could impact how we use our mobile devices when out of home, and the opportunities this presents for brands.

The potential for mobile and OOH to work in conjunction is already well appreciated. The Kinetic / Exterion Commuter Commerce study from 2018 established that almost £23bn is spent every year on mobile devices by consumers travelling to and from their workplaces alone – this is around 14% of all online spend. Crucially, 70% of respondents in that study agreed that OOH had directly influenced them to make a purchase.

The introduction of 5G could seriously influence commuter commerce, and how we spend at specific travelling times of the day. With the overall average weekly spend of commuters being £89 and 43% spending at least four times a month, there is every chance that new technology could influence consumers in exciting new ways where they feel that their purchasing is not just an action but an experience too.

Additionally, the creative opportunities mobile presents in OOH are already being explored by several brands, as numerous interactive elements, triggered through QR codes for example, are incorporated into creative executions. 5G promises to speed up these interactions and give brands an even more exciting digital canvas with which to work.

Creativity triggers engagement, which in turn can invite and drive action from consumer to brand. The improved capabilities of a stronger, more efficient data stream from 5G, could have a serious impact on the way we use devices to spend and purchase online and in-store for that matter. The opportunities that could arise from the developing AR & VR tech, allows for the potential of products to be tested, tried, and worn in a completely new virtual way, which could see drastic changes in how people choose to buy products, especially from using their mobile.

Over the course of the morning, these topics were approached from a broad range of angles by the following speakers:

George Dixon, Strategy Director, Mobsta

Sophie Harding, Futures Director, Mindshare

Dominic Murray, Head of Innovation, Kinetic

Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Digital, Global

Dr. Alastair Goode, Cognitive Scientist, Gorilla in the Room

Jennie Roper, Head of Research, Kinetic

Simon Andrews, Founder, Addictive!

The main talking points from our guest speakers focused on an array of themes which we’ll be revisiting with you over the next few weeks.

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